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Creating your first e-product

May 6, 2012

Margaret Gill has created a great 40 minute video about creating your first e-product.

Lots of great information to think about.

Marg of course helped me create my first e-product – the Business Alignment tele-class series. Since then I created a Self Alignment Kit and most recently the Self Love e-course.

What Marg says is true: creating that first product changes your business!

Check it out :)

My tele-class series returns in 2012! What is a tele-class, exactly?

February 7, 2012

I’m running the “How to Align Your Energy to Attract More Clients’ tele-class series again in 2012!

Last year, I had lots of questions about what a tele-class actually is – read more about them here :)

So as you might have guessed, it’s a class and it’s held on the phone. The calls I’ll be doing run for 75 minutes. If you’re able to “attend” live then you can interact, otherwise you can listen to the recording straight afterwards.

Tele-classes are a great way to learn – you avoid all the hassles of needing to be at a particular place at a particular time, the time involved in travel and if you can’t be there – you can still get all the information straight afterwards. You can also listen again if you want to.

There are three ways you can listen in to the calls I’ll be running.


If you do choose to ring in to the call, you need to be aware that the number you’d call is in the United States. To call the USA cheaply, you can buy a phone card from eg your local 7/11, newsagent or post office. When I did this, I just asked which was the best card to call the US – they will often know which cards are the best based on which ones people come back and buy.

I also recommend buying a card online – easy! When you buy your card, you’re asked for address details but you do get the pin you need emailed to you straight after payment.

With all options, you’ll first call a local number and then the number for our call. With the online option I shared, the local number can be found here. The local number for Melbourne is 9950 0888 – but if you buy a different card it will be different of course.

If you ring in, you can ask questions so it will be interactive for you – great! You’ll get the number you need to call in the US when you sign up for the free call.


You can also join the call via Skype. If you do this, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of Skype, which you can download here.

You’ll receive the contact name and code when you sign up.

Web link

You can also just join in from a weblink. The link for the free call is provided when you sign up, you’ll access the recording from the same link afterwards. This is the easiest way to join the call, however you can’t interact this way, only listen in.

Want more information?

Read more about what a tele-class is here.

You can read all about tele-class etiquette here.

You can get more detailed tele-class instructions here.

If you’ve never done a tele-class, make sure you read through these links first, and it’s ALWAYS recommended to try your chosen method BEFORE the call starts.

If you’ve never joined a tele-class before, joining up for my free alignment call is a great way to try one!

Sign up for the free Alignment Call on Wednesday February 22nd at 11am here.

Once you’ve tried your first tele-class you’ll know if it’s a style of learning that might suit you. There’s no risk and by signing up, you get the link to listen into later.

Who knows, you might find you like tele-classes so much, you end up running one yourself in the future. If you think this might appeal to you, why not check out Margaret Gill’s Tele-class to learn how to do tele-classes? I’ve done it and it’s great!

Any other questions?

What is your internal story?

October 16, 2011

As we know with alignment, we might have a goal, or an intention for our lives or our businesses, however if this is not aligned with how we feel internally, there is a mis-match and our goal becomes far more difficult to achieve.

I love this post from Hiro Boga; To change a pattern, create a new story.

She talks about those times when we might be unhappy with how our business is going, when fear creeps in, and when negative stories start to take over:

Stories of lack and not-enoughness hurt your heart. They swirl a smoke-screen of fear around you, so you can’t see the light of your soul.

And the world sees your fear. It sees your heartache and self-doubt. It feels your urgency, and responds by staying away from you, from your business.

You may think you’re hiding these things, but you cannot hide the truth of your being.

It shows up in your life. It shows up in your business.

And she also talks about how you can start to untangle these stories, by acknowledging their existence, forgiving yourself and starting to attune yourself to the qualities you want your new story to have.

A bit like alignment, isn’t it!

As we know, simply going straight into “positive thinking” doesn’t necessarily work when we’re feeling negative or unhappy about our business.

You need to start where you are.

My Business Alignment program helps you to start where you are and helps you get clarity on what is blocking you from moving forwards, in a gentle, mindful way.


Creating your right price

October 12, 2011

Pricing can be such a difficult area

How do you decide what is the right price to charge?

It needs to feel rewarding and worthwhile to you, you need to be resonant to it and to also feel that your clients are receiving true value for their money.

When I created the Business Alignment tele-class series, I wanted to share a resource by Mark Silver of Heart of Business on creating your right price – but he re-organised his website and it disappeared! So I used other resources instead. But now it’s back on his site!

He created a pdf and recording to help you create the right pricing for you, pricing that feels good in your heart:

The Wackiness of Resonant Pricing

Of course, you may still need to align yourself to that pricing.

For that, you can of course use my Business Alignment program, it now includes three extra recordings and is available as a home study for $79.

I find it really helpful to test up pricing within a Kinesiology session to find out what I’m most resonant to, and that’s often a way I check in that I’m fully aligned to what I charge for sessions, workshops and products.

Tara Gentile also has lots of interesting thoughts on pricing, money and value. Here she talks about what charging more for your time really means and her three rules for setting pricing with a conscience.

Your thoughts?

ALSO! I’m currently creating a Self Alignment Kit! This will be a kit with lots of information on Alignment and goal setting and it will be available from Thursday 21st October at $59. You’ll be able to find it in my shop: or there will be a link over at

Listen in to the free call I ran on it this morning.

Breaking through

August 17, 2011

Don’t you just love it when something you’re thinking about shows up in an article or blog post or in conversation? It happens with clients sometimes – something will come up in a session and they’ll laugh and say they’d just had that conversation with a friend the night before.

Today Marg and I ran a free call for our Align and Shine coaching program. You can still sign up to get the recording if you like.

One of the things I talked about during the call was the fact that when you get to a certain level in your business, the number of people that can help you get to the next level seems to decrease, dramatically.
The friends, colleagues or family members that may have had good suggestions early on aren’t really in a position to help you. They don’t really know either!

It is that classic scenario where you don’t know what you don’t know.

And then this afternoon, I read this post by Tara Gentile, on bursting the business bubble and dreaming bigger than you thought you could.

Tara talks a lot about the value of finding like-minded people who genuinely can help, encourage and prompt you to step into the next phase of your work. Maybe you can do this by trawling twitter and the blogosphere. Or meet some new, random people who know a lot about creating a successful soul based business. Who knows?

Or maybe, you could join an intensive program like the one Marg and I have created, and guarantee that this happens.

You’ll get Marg’s years of coaching experience and my energetic superpowers, and recent experience of having stepped into a higher vision of my purpose. And because this is a group program, you’ll also meet and interact with other smart, passionate people who are ready to take the next steps in their businesses too – and they’ll be inspiring you just as much as you’re inspiring them.

Maybe you’ll plan and run your first tele-class series?

Maybe you’ll create a joint product with someone you meet?

Maybe you’ll create a downloadable information product for your clients?

Anything’s possible when you’re connected to the right people, tools and support.

As Tara says:

It’s about allowing someone else to hold a bigger dream for you than you can imagine – and creating big dreams for them in return.

Are you ready to break through? Go check out the coaching page to see if this is the program that might help you do just that.

Last chance to get the Alignment calls recordings

July 15, 2011

How to align your energy to attract more clients.

I’m currently running a three part tele-class “How to align your energy to attract more clients.”

Can I just get the recordings?

Quite a few people have asked me if you can sign up to just get the recordings for the Alignment calls. The answer is: YES! About half our group are listening into the recordings afterwards.

A few people have told me they are still interested in signing up, or have friends who are interested so I just wanted to let you know:

The deadline for signing up at the current price is next Friday 22nd July.

I’ve decided to leave the option of joining the current program and getting the recordings open until next Friday, when I head off to Marg Gill’s Sanctum for the Soul in Daylesford.

After that, I’ll take down the current payment option. I’ll then be re-recording all the audios and packaging the program into a digital home study option. Oh – and the price will go up, by quite a bit.

If you have already signed up for the calls, or do so by next Fridayyou’ll also get the home study package at no extra cost whenever I’ve finished it (I assume I’ll finish it in August but since I haven’t done something like this before I’m not sure how long it will take).

A few members of our group have mentioned they’ve recommended the program to friends and colleagues (thank you!) – please feel free to forward this email to them so they can sign up by Friday and get the program at the current low price.

Ready to join us?

Go to this page for more information and to pay or if you already know you want to sign up, here’s a direct PayPal link where you can pay your $79 right now.

Once you’ve paid, I will email you a link to a private web page where you can download the current calls and all the resources we’ve used so far (chakra cards, worksheets and access to the private course pages). Please let me know if you want the link sent to a different email address than the one you use to pay. If you sign up before Wednesday, you’ll also get any further emails I send to our current group.

Feedback so far …

“Thanks for all this fantastic work, I am enjoying the process and feeling shifts. I am extremely happy recommending this teleclass to my friends and colleagues, and wishing you all the success you deserve.”

“Hi, thank you, the first class was extremely helpful. All is flowing so well thanks to the reminders from you and the lovely gentle processes. The home play was brilliant and the reply bought tears to my eyes.”

“Thanks Kerry for sharing this wonderful yet easy process. We too often scramble looking for our answers and validations externally and find ourselves running around in circles.”

“Hi Kerry and thank you for this wonderful gift. It is such an insightful look at what is going on in our lives ‘behind the scenes’. I am looking forward to using this more and more.” 

“Thanks for such an empowering and amazing teleclass Kerry! Can’t wait for next week :)” 

“Loved the teleclass today Kerry!! Congratulations on a brilliant programme and thank you for sharing your amazing process.”

Yes, we have an awesome group! Lucky us :) And it’s not to late for you to join us!

Whether you decide to join us or not, you can stay connected by liking my Facebook page: or continuing to read blog posts here or at

Get the link to the free Alignment tele-class here!

June 29, 2011

So the free alignment tele-class was this morning … and I think it went pretty well. Some lovely feedback already and I enjoyed it – yay! If you’d like to listen in, here’s the link:

Feel free to share with anyone you think might find it interesting :)


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